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Paranoid Promo Pixie

glitter witch, extreme baker, adventurer, shiny person & trainee pirate

Little Miss Shifty
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  • Northwood College - Hillingdon, England - Greater London, United Kingdom (1993 - 2000)

to quote Lenore "hug me or I shall destroy you!"

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film reviews of my life:

"Jillie_b's moving tale of self-sufficiency in the face of overwhelming stupidity is both encouraging and heart-breaking. A must-see. 4/5" - timsinister

"Jillie_b is a masterpiece for her ability to give us a sense that we've just experienced a life's worth of joy. *****" - plinkymoo

"I liked the Monkey 5/5" - d00mw0lf

"A superb performance from the radiant Miss B, even the scene with the gherkin farm. I've never seen someone lead an army of toothpick-wielding grannies into battle with so much conviction. A must see for all fans of Jillie's work or indeed escaped psychopaths. Watch out, she has a mean right hook and is deadly with a fan..." - foreverguardian

"jillie_b is a delightful swirl of surreality, mixed with realistic scenes of life on the road. We see her travelling around the country, facing the deadly foes of public transport armed with only a dressed up bear, sugar, caffiene and sweets to get to the gigs and club nights that are the highlights of each month. Musical interludes with transvestites and 80s animated shows abound! Not for the mainstream but she will find a devoted and loyal audience who know that she is something special! *****" - sassygirl

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